A complete insight of the best packaging solution for each product category.

Synopack - Coffee & Tea Product

Coffee and Tea

High quality pouches for coffee and tea, each designed with a strong barrier film that extends the freshness of your products and preserves the powerful taste and aroma of your drink.

Synopack - Beverage


A diverse range of liquid packaging and spouts that gives convenience and improves consumer experience for every beverage product.

Synopack - Health Product

Health, Organic &

Nutrition Products

Develop high-quality health food and organic food packaging solutions, which add value to the superfood and supplements products so that users start making relevant connections with the products

Synopack - Pet Product

Pet Food

Broad range of flexible packaging solutions, especially highly specialized pouches, for wet, semi-wet and dry pet foods.

Synopack - Confectionery Product

Confectionery, Snacks

and Dry Food

High-quality packaging solution needed for confectionery and dry food product, adding value and attention to them.

Synopack - Processed Food Product

Processed Food

Convenience, portability, freshness and long shelf life are the keys for processed, convenience and ready-to-eat food.

Synopack - Beauty Product .png

Beauty, Personal Care & Cosmetic Products

High moisture and oxygen barrier pouchers and laminated films for health and beauty products in a variety of sized and add-on features.

Synopack - Pharmaceutical & Medical Prod

Pharmaceutical & Medical Products

Advanced pharmaceutical and medical packaging pouches and laminated films are designed to protect products from moistures, oxygen, light, odour, contaminants and also help in improving shelf life.

Synopack - Frozen Food Product

Frozen Food

Eye-catching, innovative, freshness preserving flexible pouches and laminated films for frozen fruits, vegetables, meats, sea foods, and other frozen products.

Synopack - Sauce Product

Sauces, Gravy

& Condiments

Specialized pouches and laminated films which are leak proof for efficient packaging of gravy products, sauces, condiments, purees, baby foods and other liquid content in diverse and customizable sizes.

Synopack - Home & Garden Product

Home & Garden

High barrier home and garden pouches and laminated films are specifically designed to handle laundry, fertilizer, soil, see etc., which need protection, durability and workable with distribution.

Synopack - Industrial Product

Industrial &

Other Products

Custom made and laminated films specifically to handle industrial powders, fertilizer content, granular chemicals, lubricants and other applications.